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"Axis are reliable, deliver what they say they will, offer balue for money and offer good management support." Read the case study...

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About Alstom


Alstom is an international engineering firm that built, and now maintains, the Coradia 175 diesel multiple unit passenger trains currently operated by Arriva Trains Wales from Wales into the North West of England. The fleet of 27 trains, configured into 11 two-car and 16 three-car formations, were built between 1999 and 2001 and are now owned, and leased, by rolling stock operating company Angel Trains. Alstom provides 24 trains for service Monday to Friday, with 23 trains in operation over the weekend.

The Challenge

Alstom holds the maintenance contract on the trains until October 2018, and this includes responsibility for maintaining the day-to-day cleanliness of the fleet. Alstom needed a reliable cleaning supplier to provide consistently good service to ensure that it meets the strict requirements of its contract with Arriva Trains Wales.

Colin Laverick, Alstom’s Contract Manager, said: “The specification in our contract with Arriva Trains Wales is output based. We have contractual outputs which must be achieved and so we needed a cleaning supplier to work on the same terms. We needed a provider which could exceed benchmarks set within the contract; essentially we need a trusted partner to deliver the right results.”

Alstom has been working with Axis Cleaning and Support Services since 2007 and renewed its contract in 2012 following a compulsory tender to benchmark standards against other providers. “Axis are reliable, deliver what they say they will, offer value for money and provide good management support,” Colin adds.

“We need a trusted partner to deliver the right results.”

The Solution

Axis Cleaning and Support Services is responsible for cleaning the Arriva Trains Wales’ 175 fleet. A team of more than 30 cleaning operatives work across four sites – Chester, Cardiff, Holyhead and Carmarthen – carrying out daily cleans which take place overnight to prepare the trains for service the following day. They are responsible for cleaning the cars and toilets, for replenishing consumables, and for vacuuming the carpets.

Additionally, Axis carries out periodic heaving cleans (PHCs) on each train every 42 days. This takes place at Chester Traincare Centre, where the upholstery is spot cleaned, scuffmarks on the walls and floors removed, and ‘removable’ graffiti such as biro, nail polish and spray paint is dealt with.

It is a challenging contract, with the cleaning team split over multiple locations and working overnight in station sidings and train depots. However, Axis maintains standards across the four sites, with individual training records organised to ensure everyone is trained against the site-specific requirements set out by Alstom, and this is supported by health and safety audits to maintain best practice. Alstom also carries out regular unannounced audits to ensure contractual outputs are being met.

“We are responsible for making sure the trains run smoothly,” explained Colin, “and so we have to work with a reliable partner. Things don’t always go to plan and trains can be late into the depot but we have built up a strong relationship with Axis and having flexibility built into this is crucial to the effective running of the operation.”