Acuity, Axis Group’s high-end reception business, works towards achieving Investors in People (IiP).


Acuity, the Axis Group’s niche high-end reception and concierge business, is working towards the coveted accreditation - Investors in People (IiP). Investors in People are an organisation that aims to help businesses realise the potential of their employees, improve standards and provides them with an accreditation to verify they have attained the required IiP standards.

What benefits do organisations get from being an Investor in People?

- IiP improves productivity – 73% of Captains of Industry working with recognised IiP organisation, believe that working with the framework leads to increased productivity

- IiP increases employee engagement – companies recognised by the IiP standard have higher levels of trust, co-operation and commitment among employees than their competitors

- IiP improves vision and effectiveness – organisations that have an IiP recognition are more likely to achieve organisational goals and meet their strategic objectives

Acuity will have to meet IiP’s framework of 39 evidence requirements in order to join the existing 16% of UK employers who have secured this accreditation. However, Acuity is confident that its culture, processes and procedures are aligned with those expected by IiP and fully expects to achieve accredited status within the coming months.

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